About me


  • Fluent in C++ and well versed in C#.

  • Extensive experience in Unity.

  • Scrum, Perforce, SVN, Github, entity component systems, node systems.

  • Experience creating a basic rendering engine in DirectX 11 (particles, deferred rendering, PBL etc.) and HLSL.

  • Experience integrating and using FMOD and Wwise in projects as well as sound designing and recording audio using Wwise.

  • Composing music using Cubase 8, Reaper and Sibelius 7. Mostly for games but also as Superelevation 90.



My name is Martin and I'm a passionate gameplay programmer from Sweden with a focus on AI and audio. For me, it's the creative part of programming that makes it so interesting and captivating. I have always loved to create worlds and stories so what better medium is there to completely immerse yourself in that other than video games? I think that part of what makes a game truly immersive is the AI and sound. To me, that is the perfect blend between creativity and problem-solving!

I started creating maps in Warcraft III and Age of Mythology and then transitioned into modding in The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and Skyrim. I made some mods myself but I was also a member on the Beyond Skyrim: Roscrea & Cyrodiil team for about a year.

After taking a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at Malmö University, Sweden, I applied to The Game Assembly, Malmö, as a game programmer. Here I learnt a lot about teamwork and the entire process of creating games in teams of 12-16 people from different disciplines using the Scrum framework. We also studied the usual suspects such as algorithms, data structures and (anti-)patterns.

My other passion is playing and writing music. My first years after graduating from high school (in Sweden we say "gymnasiet"), I pursued my dream as a musician in several bands and orchestras as a trumpet player and later bass player. I also composed and arranged hundreds of pieces for orchestras and bands during this time. In some of those I also conducted the music (several musicals and the student orchestra AMC Bleckhornen).

Eventually I settled for game development and programming when I realised that programming doesn't have to be 100% dry and technical but rather 25% fun, technical problem-solving, 25% pure creativity and the remaining 50% teamwork. This also meant that I could keep the music as a serious hobby alongside hiking in the wilds or hanging out with friends.

I have not regretted that decision.

Enjoy this boids simulation created by me as a school assignment at The Game Assembly.