Martin Mossberg

AI/Audio/Gameplay Programmer

Hello! My name is Martin and I'm a passionate programmer from southern Sweden with a strive to create immersive and well-built video games. For me, the most important thing in a game is the ability to completely immerse the player in the world and the story. To achieve this the gameplay needs to be as solid as possible! Feel free to check out my projects by navigating the menu up on the right-hand side of the page.

3D Hack-and-slash RPG developed using Monostein (in-house C++/DX11 Engine).

Mobile puzzle adventure game developed in Unity. Game of the Year | Mobile (The Rookies 2020).

Automated playtesting of dungeons using Goal-Oriented Action Planning.

Top-down puzzle adventure game developed in Monostein (in-house C++/DX11 Engine) using custom Behaviour Tree exporter and dynamic music layers with Wwise.