• Platform game.

  • 7 weeks half time in a team of multiple disciplines.

  • Made in inhouse engine TGA2D (C++).

  • Written in C++.

This game was a school project at The Game Assembly, Malmö. It took us 7 weeks to develop and we used the Scrum framework to coordinate the team. We used an inhouse 2D engine, called TGA2D in C++.

Since Corona hit mid-development during this project, we had to quickly adapt to the new conditions. This was challenging on the group but we managed to get the game done anyway. For the design we were inspired by Celeste for the movement.

I was mostly responsible for making the backgrounds scroll in parallax and to make different backgrounds load in dynamically mid-level. This was a bit hard because we had to make points in the level where the player couldn't see the seam in the backgrounds/foreground. I also had to make the different lighting and sound transition properly and smoothly. Apart from that I also helped out implementing the enemies and player abilities.

I also composed the music for the game using Cubase and implemented a Sound Manager to handle music and SFX.