• RTS city-builder game.

  • 12 weeks half time in a team of three programmers.

  • Made in Unity.

  • Written in C#.

This game was a school project at Malmö University. The team consisted of three programmers so please excuse the "art". The game allows you to build a settlement in a desolate, post-apocalyptic world where resources are scarce and the elements are your biggest enemy.

I was mostly responsible for developing most of the game in Unity. I made systems for how the buildings should be built and what technologies unlocked what. Each of the survivors in the game automatically collected resources from the sources the player selected and had individual needs such as hunger, thirst and happiness. I set up this system in a very object-oriented way because it suits the Unity workflow. I also implemented systems to unlock new features such as increased protection against the elements for the survivors (the temperature gets hotter and hotter through the game and sometimes plummets down to freezing to simulate an eclipse).

At first I had some problems with rotating the buildings depending on the normal of the surface below. Luckily we had recently studied some linear algebra I could use to find the rotation from the dot product of the building's normal and the normal of ground.

But the by far hardest thing was to balance the game. It was extremely hard to plan for all possible actions the player would take and make it neither too hard nor too easy. As is, the game gets progressively harder until it's pretty much impossible to survive. But since we only had 12 weeks half time, I'm satisfied with having the game playable the initial 20 minutes.