• Mobile Puzzle Adventure game.

  • 7 weeks half time in a team of multiple disciplines.

  • Made in Unity (C#).

  • Game of the Year | Mobile (The Rookies 2020), among other prizes as seen on website below.

This game was a school project at The Game Assembly, Malmö made for mobile. It took us 7 weeks to develop and we used the Scrum framework to coordinate the team. We were very satisfied with the game and decided to try and join the game competition The Rookies. It turned out that we won Game of the Year in 2020.

I was mostly responsible to develop an editor within Unity that the level designers could use to easier design levels faster and more consistently. This meant that we ended up with more levels than we first had planned for, which was great! The levels were saved in a custom format and then loaded by the game. If we had more time to develop, I might have implemented a level creator that players could use to create their own levels. As can be seen in the GIFs below, the level designer could use our tool to select assets and place them on a 3D tile grid. They could also create patrol paths for NPC:s (seen in the 2nd GIF).

I also composed the music for the game using Cubase.