Cold Cooperation

  • Space Shmup.

  • 7 weeks half time in a team of multiple disciplines.

  • Made in inhouse engine TGA2D (C++).

  • Written in C++.

This game was a school project at The Game Assembly, Malmö. It took us 7 weeks to develop and we used the Scrum framework to coordinate the team. We used an inhouse 2D engine, called TGA2D in C++.

This was the first time during my time at The Game Assembly that we developed a game not using Unity. This meant that we had to write systems to handle things that we took for granted in Unity before. We wrote the game highly object-oriented which made it easy to work with even though it might not have been the most optimized way to do things.

I was mostly responsible for handling gameplay aspects such as shooting and collisions but I also designed the final boss battle where the player took on a big bad boss. It took a lot of development time to properly integrate the animations here and to set up the different phases in the battle with the boss. I first did this implementation to work with a more basic combat encounter but when we decided to have three different phases for the boss (with different animations), things got more complicated and since the development time was quite short, the code soon became a bit hard to work with. Had we had the time, I'd like to refactor it to be more general and adapt to more complex flows easier.

I also composed the music for the game using Cubase and implemented a Sound Manager to handle music and SFX.